About Us

Established in 1964 by Jim Atkisson and Clair Williams, Universal Insurance Agency has grown to one of the most trusted and respected agencies in the Broken Bow area. Jim and Clair operated the agency together until 1970 when Jim took over the operations from Clair. In 1974 Mike Bell joined the agency and is the current owner and operator. Jim retired from the business in 1988.

Mike Bell, Sharon Franssen, and Sharon Schmitz have maintained and grown this business together to make it what it is today. Nate Bell, Mike’s son and Jim Atkisson’s grandson, returned in 2005 to assist in continuing the tradition of quality service and integrity that has the served the company and the community so well for 46 years.

We offer a wide variety of insurance options for your business, for your farm and for your home and auto. Please stop in and speak with one of our knowledgeable and helpful associates