Super Bowl Claims to watch out for

I saw this today on another blog and thought it was pretty good, check it out and be prepared this weekend.

As insurance agents, we  know we may seem a bit paranoid at times. That’s because we’ve seen some of the craziest insurance claims arise out of the most seemingly innocent events. Good news for you is that we use our experience to give you the best tips on how to protect your home and family. So, before tuning in for Super Bowl XLV this Sunday- read our tips on:

How to Prevent the Top 4 Potential Super Bowl Insurance Claims!

#1-  Safeguard the TV- Unfortunately, “angry fans” are not a covered peril when it comes to the contents portion of your homeowners insurance. So, if your next door neighbor has a habit of throwing things at the television when his team isn’t playing up to par, you might want to ask him to stay home this year!

#2- Assign a ‘Designated Griller’- If you’re planning on grilling up some grub for the big game, make sure you have a responsible person manning (or wo-manning) the barbecue grill.  Leaving it unattended for even a few minutes leaves you open to the potential for a house fire. Also make sure the barbecue grill is placed far enough distance from the structure of your home.

#3-  (The obvious) Avoid drunk driving- As everyone knows, football and beer typically go together like chips and gravy. And whether to celebrate a win or drown out of the sorrow of a loss, some fans have a tendency to overindulge each year. If you’re hosting the party at your house, keep a close eye on your guests’ alcohol consumption and take the keys away from anyone who tries to drive after even a few drinks or you could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit. And whether you participated in the fun or not, be careful on the roads that night as you are always at risk of an auto accident caused by another intoxicated driver.

#4- “You make me sick!”-Are you cooking this year? Make sure to always follow the recommended cooking instructions for raw foods and never serve anything undercooked as this could pose a serious health risk for your guests. The last thing anyone wants the next day is a case of food poisoning!

Hopefully we haven’t scared you senseless. Now have a great weekend and enjoy the game!

Hope that everyone enjoys the game and your team wins!

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