We are Dave Ramsey approved!!

Dave Ramsey ELP

I started following Dave Ramsey a number of years ago in passing as I would catch him on some radio stations around the state and always found his philosophies very simple and smart. They also reminded me a lot about my Grandpa, the guy that started this insurance agency 45 years ago, with the things he said regarding financial decisions and planning. Time went by and my wife I were getting tired of paycheck to paycheck living and decided to seek out a Financial Peace University class and really start tackling our finances and get ahead of the situation. While starting this process I started listening to Dave daily and started really hearing about his ELP (Endorsed Local Provider) program. I thought that it seemed like Universal Insurance was a great fit for this as I was already practicing what Dave preaches and I believed in everything he said with regards to property/casualty insurance. So I applied do be an ELP. I didn’t receive a response and they say that if a response is not received an ELP may already be in your area or you may not qualify for one reason or another. Well a year has went by and they called and we visited and they asked me questions on my business philosophy and what I knew about Dave and his teachings and generally just had a discussion about what this means and how it works. It was great and has lead to me being named the Western Nebraska ELP for property and casualty insurance. Here is a snippet of what that means to Dave.

Being an ELP isn’t easy; it’s hard work because ELPs are held to a higher standard of excellence. While ELPs do pay a fee to cover website maintenance and employment costs, Dave’s endorsement is not bought — it’s earned. We have over a 30 person team that interviews potential ELPs several times and provides support to make sure they provide the best advice just like Dave does. We also make sure that every ELP is someone you feel comfortable talking to and is a person you can trust.

On top of that, we evaluate the performance of all ELPs every month to make sure we recommend you to the best agent possible. Also, every person who uses an ELP has a chance to grade them based on their personal experience through surveys we provide.

We are very excited about this and you should be too. It means that you can trust us to have your personal and financial interest at heart. We are here to educate you about insurance, not sell you insurance. This is what we have always been about and this is just further proof of that commitment to you the customer.

So thanks to our current customers for your business and we welcome new customers to the fold because of this, glad you found us! We look forward to being an ELP for a long time to come.

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